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Scarlett Energy Renewable Technologies

At Scarlett’s we have been rightly sceptical of the very many renewable technologies and associated 'green' products that that have flooded the British eco market over the past 15 years. All claim the same thing; to cut your carbon use and energy bills. Many products are foreign to the UK and so, knowledge of the technology and the intentions of the manufacturers design alongside an understanding of how it will work in a British building, bearing in mind local building regulations, is key to successfully designing and installing your chosen system. Scarlett's aim is to make the process hassle free by advising on every technical and practical aspect required to add renewables harmoniously into your work or home lifestyles.


Our proven technologies are Biomass (wood logs and pellets), Solar Thermal Panels and Heat pumps, all of which can be integrated into existing fossil fuel heating systems (multi fuel systems) or new dedicated heating systems depending on your requirements. 

Biomass wood pellet log and chip boilers


Solar thermal panel installation

Solar Thermal

Ground and air source heat pumps

Heat Pumps