Biomass Heating Systems, Essex and London


Biomass is our favourite sustainable renewable fuel. Biomass appliances are available in many forms including wood pellet boilers and stoves, wood chip or straw boilers and wood log boilers. There are various combinations of biomass appliances that can be achieved, for instance, some boilers give the option of using logs and pellets or we could integrate a wood boiler with a separate pellet boiler in one system. 

What Is Biomass?

Biomass is material sourced from renewable vegetation or residue from agriculture and industry that is processed into wood logs, wood pellets or wood chips to create a renewable bio-fuel. The bio-fuel is fed into part/ fully automated combustion appliances; delivering convenient energy in residential or commercial situations.

Biomass promotes tree planting

At Scarlett Energy we have spent most of our working lives proving that the most British way to cut carbon while enhancing our natural environment is to plant and manage indigenous woodlands funded by the sensible use of high efficiency wood burning appliances that connect our customers to their energy consumption. We live in a society that expects heat at the touch of a button and this practice has detached us all from our energy misuse. A biomass appliance puts you back in control of your heating needs while promoting the revival of the natural local environment.

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