Renewable Heating System Design Service, Essex and London

Renewable Heating Design Service

We live in a society that expects heat at the touch of a button. Adding simple to use system controls alongside highly efficient renewable technologies and insulation techniques is key to the success of a low carbon future in residential or commercial buildings.

Where Do We Start?

We have an online Quotation Design Form that collects the information we require to start the ball rolling and to put you in touch with the right Scarlett Energy technical team. Our office is still open during the Covid-19 outbreak so there has never been a better time to study your energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels.


Your existing property may have an up to date EPC (Energy performance certificate) or you may have plans of the proposed building or projectany information like this will give us a good indication of the building's efficiency and existing heating system while speeding up the advice and design process.


If you have no EPC and little information, we can still get the ball rolling through our online design form that asks questions relating to an Energy Efficiency and Occupancy Assessment. If you find the questionnaire a bit too technical, give us a call or send an email at , we are here to help.

Scarlett's Design Process

There are many questions to be asked to start processes and calculations that are vital to ensure we give the right advice while following regulations and processes set by bodies such as the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. We will aim to produce accurate predictions of energy use, fuel costs, installation costs and timescales. 

Efficiency and Insulation

How efficient is your property? Many of the issues that arise when designing a heating system stem from the heat losses of a building. Where possible, insulate, insulate, insulate! Modern building regulations now insist on ever more insulation to new buildings, but what about older properties that actually equate to most of our property stock in the UK? If insulation can be added without detriment to older structures then this is the place to start cutting your carbon and pollution output. 

Are renewable heating systems right for older properties?

We recognise that many older properties can benefit best by being heated in the way they were designed, usually by heating the core thermal mass (usually clay brickwork) of the building. In many situations the simplest addition of an efficient wood burning stove using dry locally sourced sustainable wood maybe all that is needed to dramatically cut dependencies on the fossil fuel alternatives. 

It's all about the sun

Whether capturing the sun's energy directly through solar collectors and heat pumps or indirectly through vegetation used as biomass, the sun delivers 10 000 times the energy consumed by our modern planetThe sun wont put its prices up if there’s trouble on the other side of the world nor can it be easily taxed.

Scarlett’s challenge

Our challenge (and we do like a challenge) is to advise, design and install unique efficient solutions that tap into the suns energy in a way that's right for you and your traditional or modern property while giving energy security for the future. With a multitude of products, know-how and techniques, most things are possible and two jobs are rarely the same. Through our design calculations we will present the facts to help you decide what is this right for you.